Judge accepts ‘tax fraud’ case vs Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain (4E Sports) – A judge has accepted the prosecutor’s request of charging FC Barcelona with tax infringement relating to the transfer of Neymar from Santos last summer.

Madrid-based Judge Ruz is currently conducting an investigation into the 86.2 million-euro deal, and asked Barcelona, Neymar’s father and FIFA for all documentation relating to the transfer.

Spanish tax authorities launched the case against the club for a “tax fraud” of 9.1 million euros.

A public prosecutor presented a new petition to Spain’s High Court on Wednesday, claiming that the series of contracts show signs of simulation and financial engineering.

The prosecutor, Jose Perals, claims that FC Barcelona paid a total 37.9 million euros in a signing on fee to join the club, which requires an income tax of 9.1 million euros to be paid.

Judge Ruz accepted that the 37.9 million-euro payment “could correspond, in its true nature, to a big remuneration to the player” which would be liable for income tax.

The club claimed this figure was paid as a “penalty clause” which was triggered when they signed Neymar 12 months earlier than had been previously agreed.

Barcelona admitted that they paid out a total of 86.2 million euros when signing the Brazilian player last summer. Some of these payments were claimed to relate to services not directly related to the transfer, including marketing, scouting and development work in Sao Paulo.

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