Honor guards under probe for photos mocking military funeral

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Madison, WI, United States (4E) – Fourteen honor guards are under investigation for appearing in a photo with a flag-draped casket in disrespectful poses, according to the Pentagon.

Maj. Gen. Donald Dunbar, the Wisconsin National Guard (WNG) adjutant general, ordered the investigation of a unit member who posted the photo he described as offensive. The Army National Guard is also conducting its own investigation of the matter, said Frank Grass, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon.

Spc. Terry Harrison, one of the guards who posted the controversial photo on her Instagram page with the caption “We put the FUN in funeral— your fearless honor guard from various states” was indefinitely suspended from her funeral duty while she is investigated, the WNG said in a press statement on Tuesday.

The WNG honor guard also posted another photo in her Instagram page with a comment complaining about a funeral during freezing weather. The caption read: It’s so damn cold out. Why have a funeral outside !? Somebody’s getting a jacked up flag.

Her comment meant that a family of a fallen soldier will receive an unprofessionally presented American flag.

The other 13 honor guards under investigation for posing disrespectfully in the photo belong to units from different states, according to Maj. Paul Rickert, WNG director of public affairs.

Rickert said the photos and comments of Harrison is not in line with the honor guard’s solemn duty of treating military funeral with respect and professionalism.

WNG said it learned about the photo on Monday and described it as distasteful. Relatives of fallen servicemen expressed their outrage on social media over the photo taken at the Professional Education Center, a National Guard training facility in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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