Woman Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Drugs into CCJ

CLEARFIELD – A Hawk Run woman has pleaded guilty to smuggling prescription drugs into the Clearfield County Jail and sharing them with other inmates.

Krista Wilkinson, 25, 590 Powell St., Hawk Run, an inmate of the jail, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance-contraband/inmate. She was sentenced to nine months to two years less one day in jail and three years consecutive probation. It is a condition of her probation that she completes an inpatient program. She was fined $50 plus costs. She must complete drug/alcohol counseling and submit to DNA testing at a cost of $250.

Prior to sentencing, her mother, Debbie Wallace, addressed the court stating that if Wilkinson had not been arrested, she might be dead now. Holding back tears, Wallace said she would “do anything to keep her alive.” She said once released Wilkinson can live with her. Wallace is also investigating a rehabilitation program for her daughter.

Wilkinson herself addressed the court asking for another chance and stating she wants to go to rehab.

Judge Fredric J. Ammerman explained he gave her a county sentence because she hadn’t spent much time in jail prior to this but warned her that if she came back into court, she would be sent to state prison.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Oct. 31 prison authorities were questioning an inmate about rumors of drugs being smuggled into the jail. An inmate, Shawna Smeal, admitted to being high and said Wilkinson brought the controlled substances into the facility.

The inmates on that cell block were ordered to leave their cells and go to a table in the day area to sit. All of the female inmates complied except for Wilkinson. As the deputy warden passed the cell, he saw Wilkinson with her back turned, acting as if she was concealing something. When he entered the cell, he saw her trying to flush a milk carton down the toilet, which had numerous green pills inside it. Officers also found another piece of paper in the toilet with a white substance that appeared to be pills, which were wet from the water and had begun to disintegrate.

On Nov. 5 she spoke to one of the wardens and told him she wanted to “come clean.” She admitted to bringing pills into the jail. She stated she brought in both Subutex and klonopin because she was afraid of suffering the effects of not having the medications while she was incarcerated.

After she told one of the other inmates, word spread through the jail. This resulted in other inmates wanting some of the pills. At least three other inmates admitted to taking the pills.

Wilkinson also pleaded guilty to retail theft in two cases and theft and simple assault in another case. She was sentenced to nine months to two years less one day in jail for each case with the sentences running concurrent to each other. She was fined $200 plus costs and must pay restitution totaling over $270.

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