Rescuers find 5 of 7 missing Japanese divers off Bali

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Denpasar, Indonesia (4E) – A search and rescue team found five of seven missing female Japanese scuba divers near an island southeast of Indonesia’s famous resort island of Bali on Monday.

The divers, who have been missing since Friday, were found in a mangrove forest in Jungut Batu, more than 18 miles from the Nusa Lembongan waters, where they started diving last week. One of the divers, Furukawa Saori, 37, was airlifted by a helicopter to the Kasih Ibu Hospital in Kedonganan, Bali, according to Denpasar National Search and Rescue Agency chief Didi Hamzar.

The agency also deployed a rubber boat to rescue the other four divers, who were located 219 yards and 328 yards from Manta Point, a diving spot west of Nusa Penida Island, southeast of Bali.

Rescued were Yamamoto Emi, 33, Tomita Nahomi, 29, Morizono Aya, 60, and Yoshidome Atsumi, 29. They were first taken to Sanur Beach in Denpasar arriving there at 8:23 p.m. local time before being transferred via ambulance to the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, capital of Bali.

All rescued divers were found in fine condition. Rescuers had difficulty rescuing them because of bad weather and the danger pose by a 230-foot cliff. Two rescuers had to jump from the helicopter into the waters to deliver food to the other four divers before they were picked up by the rubber boat.

The search and rescue for the other two missing divers continues Tuesday.

A dive boat brought the divers to Nusa Lembongan on Friday and sailed to the agreed spot where they will resurface when a heavy downpour occurred. When the divers failed to resurface after a one-hour wait, the boat’s skipper reported them missing to the police.

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