New Smartphone Gizmo Stinks; in an Amazing Way!

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Tokyo, Japan (4E) – Is it an electronic skunk? No!

Is it a Digital Air Freshener? Kind of.

Is it fun? Definitely!

Scentee Inc. ( of Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN is now selling The Scentee; a bulbous smartphone attachment that adds odor to your phone. The device, controlled by an app, works on both Android and iPhone and connects through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Want to smell coffee every time you get a Facebook like? No problem. Download the Scentee app, plug a coffee scented cartridge into your Scentee and connect it to your phone. The software will notify you with a spritz of coffee scent each time it detects a like. Other options include email notification, alarm clock and the website says they are working to bring you more features. The Scentee also has a Color LED too. I’m guessing to give your eyes something to do while your nose is busy.

There are currently 5 scent cartridges available including; Rose, Coffee, Lavender, Strawberry and Rosemary. A choice of two apps; Scentee and Hana Yakiniku (loosely translated to Nose BBQ) . Scentee gives you scent notifications of events like email received, Facebook like or alarm clock alarms and Hana Yakiniku lets you smell expensive food while you eat cheap food. Smell steak while you eat rice is the idea. More scents will be added in the future.

Will this invention change the world? Well there is an SDK (software developer’s kit) so any developer can add scent notifications to their apps. Who knows, maybe the solution to all our problems is one scented app away. And for the privilege of smelling my app the cost is only $35 plus $30 shipping and handling. Scent cartridges are $5 each.

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