Russian skier Maria Komissarova suffers serious back injury while training

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Sochi, Russian Federation (4E Sports) – Russian freestyle skier Maria Komissarova underwent successful surgery after suffering a broken back during training at the Sochi Winter Games.

According to the Russian Freestyle Federation, the 23-year-old Komissarova fractured a vertebra and dislocated her spine when she crashed at the PSX Olympic skicross venue at Rosa Kuhtor.

“The operation lasted 6½ hours, and it was successful. We’ll know more about the details later,” federation spokesman Mikhail Vezhba told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.

According to a source, Komissarova’s condition was too serious to transfer her to Moscow.

The skier was reportedly in “unbearable” pain when she was rushed to the hospital, the news agency reported.

Komissarova placed second in a World Cup event in 2012 but was not considered a medal contender in Sochi. She injured her leg last year, requiring surgery and keeping her off the slopes for almost six months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited with Komissarova in the hospital, news channel Russia-24 reported. Footage showed Putin meeting with the skier, who was on a ventilator, in the hospital. He patted her head as he spoke.

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