Yanks pitcher CC Sabathia seeks better health with weight loss

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

Tampa, FL, United States (4E Sports) – New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who once weighed 315 now tips the scale at 275, urged those alarmed about his weight loss not to worry as it has made him healthier.

Rumors have circulated surrounding Sabathia’s state of health after his gaunt-looking images circulated on the Internet.

“Everybody was like mad at me and stuff,” Sabathia said of the online fan reaction. “I didn’t think people would care that much. But whatever. I thought it was hilarious.”

Sabathia revealed that the desire to be healthier was trigerred by the death of his cousin Demetrius Davis from heart disease at 45 two Decembers ago.

“During the offseason, I decided to lose the weight to be around my family, be around my kids,” Sabathia said.

He lost weight through a combination of cutting out carbohydrates and increasing the intensity of his workouts.

But Sabathia acknowledged that the rapid weight loss may have contributed to his subpar 2013 season, when he struggled to a 14-13 record and career-high 4.78 ERA.

His fastball — which once averaged more than 94 mph — dropped to about 91 mph.

“I think it was just losing that much weight and trying to play a professional sport,” Sabathia said. “I probably did it the wrong way going into a baseball season last year.”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi felt that the weight loss coupled with the rehabilation of his elbow were part of Sabathia’s subpar season.

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