Clearfield Borough Asking Residents to Help with Snow Removal

CLEARFIELD – At last night’s Clearfield Borough meeting, the Public Works Committee, David Gallagher, chairperson, discussed snow removal with the recent storms.

It was noted that cars parked on streets make snow removal difficult. Residents are asked to park cars off the streets until road crews can plow.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott noted that when cars aren’t moved for plowing, the snow builds up, limiting parking space. Parked cars then crowd the driving lanes, creating traffic problems.

Fire Chief Todd Kling also asks residents to shovel out fire hydrants to make them more accessible in fire emergencies.

The committee also announced a change in recycling pick-up schedule. Recycling will be picked up the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

The Planning and Community Development Committee announced there’ll be an increase in its liquid fuels allocation of $12,461. The increase is due to the Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Plan.

The committee proposed the purchase of a park bench through the Clearfield Revitalization Corp. for the Shaw Park. The cost of the bench is $1,300.

Personnel Committee Chairperson Brian Lytle noted the borough’s collective bargaining agreement with Teamster Local Union will be expiring.

The Personnel Committee recommended appointing Ann Wood as representative on the Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library Board and Gary L. Shugarts to a second term on the Zoning Hearing Board.

The committee also recommended the hire of part-time police officers Jake Rhymstine and Steve Russo, who have fulfilled their six-month probation.

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