Baby born to brain-dead Canadian a day before she died

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Victoria, BC, Canada (4E) – Doctors have delivered by caesarian section a premature baby boy from a brain-dead Canadian a day before she died.

Iver Cohen Benson was born at 7:12 p.m. Saturday at the Victoria General Hospital in British Columbia weighing two pounds, 13 ounces, the Canadian newspaper Times Colonist reported.

The baby was only 28 weeks in the womb of 32-year-old Robyn Benson, who has been brain dead since suffering a cerebral hemorrhage on Dec. 28, but doctors decided that the fetus was viable for c-section. It was a right decision as the mother, who was five weeks pregnant when she was placed on life support to save the baby, died the following day.

Dylan Benson, Iver’s father, welcomed the baby, who will stay at the hospital until May to gain strength. He announced the birth of his son and death of his wife on Facebook on Monday. He said his wife will live on forever within Iver and his heart.

Dylan also thanked the people from around the world who donated money to fund the cost of his wife’s life support, his son’s birth and his temporary layoff. The Baby Iver Fund has reached more than $150,000 as of Tuesday with 3,400 donations via the, a crowd-funding page.

The father set it up to help Iver through his first year of life with the goal of raising $36,000.

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