Super Bowl spectators collapse at jam-packed NJ Transit station

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Secaucus, NJ, United States (NewsBahn) – Several passengers had to be treated after collapsing at New Jersey Transit’s Secaucus station Sunday as a record number of fans tried to make their way to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl.

The crowd numbered around 27,000 at 4:30 p.m., which was still two hours prior to game time.

The throng exceeded the 22,000 fans that packed the station for a 2009 U2 concert, leading to emergency workers pushing their way through the crowd to treat the ailing.

“We were all packed like sardines back there,” C’na (cq)Williams, 41, a case worker from Tacoma, told the NY Post.

Rail officials said the crowding was due to trying to keep the trains flowing consistently.

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