LTE: Disastrous Project

Dear Editor:

I recently read where PA Waste LLC, the proposers of the massive landfill in Boggs Township, is offering Lawrence Township $400,000 for new stop lights on Route 879, which raises a multitude of concerns besides their 70 other DEP application deficiencies.

Route 879 to Route 153 is the main corridor to the proposed landfill site.  When the Clearfield Area School District’s renovations are complete, a vast majority of the students will be traveling to and from school utilizing these routes, which are already congested at times between Wal-Mart and the Interstate.

This proposed landfill will add an additional 500 waste trucks (one every 3 minutes in 24 hours) on this corridor further adding to the congestion and increasing the safety risks for everyone most importantly our children.

Furthermore, the proposed landfill site is on a faulted/fractured ridge on the largest aquifer in Clearfield County and perhaps your water supply.  Clearfield is currently conducting renovations to the sewage lines to prevent pollution to the West Branch of the Susquehanna due to it being a water supply for 60,000 residents.

Why would we even consider a massive landfill a few hundred yards from Clearfield Creek, the largest tributary to the West Branch of the Susquehanna? Perhaps someday we will experience what the 13,000 residents in West Virginia are dealing with the chemical spill in the West Virginia River having no ability to reduce the harms to the people.

Finally, this landfill cannot receive any garbage from Clearfield County and will most likely receive it from other states that do not want a landfill in their backyard to handle their own trash!

If you share my opinion about having this disastrous project in our county, I suggest you contact your government officials and voice your concerns!


Darryl Lashinsky

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One thought on “LTE: Disastrous Project

  1. morcho

    Dear Editor,
    Responding to the comment entitled, “Disastrous Project”.
    The comments give the impression that the project is huge and encompasses an area that can be much better described by the word large.
    The impression that there are no children today using the routes the 500 garbage scows could be using by bringing children in always gets a favorable response to any cause.
    Giving the impression that a school district didn’t know or consider the dangers of 500 more vehicles and/or turned a blind eye to safety puts them into a class along with Lawrence refusing upgrades to the traffic system and also as interpreted Lawrence needs less. Today the trash from Boggs and surrounding communities is mystically disposed of by sending it to a landfill off I 80 in another county.
    Then fracking referring to fractured ridge in the article becomes a good thing if it’s bringing money into one pocket but evil if it’s benefiting another the article fails to give any mention of an unlined, “dump” across the highway from the proposed landfill of course the writer assumes that there has never been any seeping , leaking or draining through fractured material into a watershed and/or stream nor any malfunctioning on lot sewer systems in the area.
    Next the sewer system in Clearfield may need an upgrade possibly because it is over capacity, deteriorated or the ppm’s are being exceeded and failing control.
    To ask tourists to come only increases one of issues the writer of, “Dangerous Project” opposes is an increase in the volume of trash and waste that is delivered to a landfill out of County or a sewer system in County.

    John Deacon
    West Decatur Pa

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