Utah school gets parents’ ire after dumping lunches of students over unpaid arrears

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Salt Lake City, UT, United States (4E) – A Utah elementary school has gotten parents’ ire after its cafeteria workers dumped the lunches of 40 students for having unpaid arrears with the school.

The incident happened at the Uintah Elementary School on Tuesday. It was a standard policy at Salt Lake City schools to withhold lunch of students for nonpayment of arrears, according to a former lunch worker.

Students whose parents are behind payments are identified through the point-of-sale computer, which flashes the student’s account status after the kid checked out or picked up the lunch tray. If the terminal reads that the student has a negative balance, the child nutrition manager takes the food back from the student and replaces it with fruit and milk.

Salt Lake City School District Jason Olsen said parents had been notified about negative balances on Monday and a child nutrition or kitchen manager was just following policy in withholding the lunches to deal with parents who owed the school money.

The lunches were thrown away because food served to a student can no longer be served to another, Olsen explained. But he said Thursday the incident was a mistake.

Faced with complaints from parents that their children were humiliated, the school district issued an apology to them. Uintah Principal Chelsea Malouf promised that the incident will not happen again, according to Salt Lake Tribune.

Meanwhile, Utah lawmakers who learned of the incident threatned action. State Sen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross), who visited Uintah together with Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake City) on Thursday, said someone should be fired for what he called “bullying” of the kids.

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  1. boptherabbit

    I never saw that the folks that owed money were never expected to pay it, nor that they weren’t going to pay it. Dieselrider, you are one callused person. The Bible says to help the needy and the poor. Maybe you never read it, or you only take some parts as yours, and leave the ones you don’t like. Why are you so full of hatred for poor people? Oh, and I think Christ threw the moneymongers out of a Roman church.

    • Dieselrider

      Bop, you must really like me to follow me around so much. You obviously have not read as much of the Bible as you would let on. Christ threw the money changers out of the Jewish Temple, not the church. His Church had not yet been established.Oops. Missed the facts again, eh?

      Christ also said not to worry too much about the poor and we would always have the poor. The new testament also says if a man doesn’t work he should not eat. Kinda puts the old whammy on welfare now doesn’t it.

      I do not hate poor people. What I do hate is people poor or not using their state in life as an excuse for their actions that affect everyone else. The article never mentioned that any of the parents that owed the money to the school district were actually planning on paying it in either. How tough are those kids going to find “real” life when they find out they can’t just skate by? Oh wait, they live in the welfare state called the USA so they will be able to keep right on skating, won’t they, Bop?

      • boptherabbit

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to mis-state the facts from the Bible, just wanted to make a point (of course it was a Jewish Temple, they hadn’t nailed him up yet, so his followers hadn’t established that church yet), which you’ve obviously missed.
        You’re making it sound like these people are a bunch of lazy, slobs that do nothing but live off the government dole that is out there. Do you know these folks, or do you just assume everyone that gets behind/needs help is a welfare case?
        If you’d done a little further, instead of basing your statements on just this article, you may have found that some of these people simply made the mistake of forgetting to make their kids lunch payments, others had various other problems. Most expect to pay their bill. As I said, MOST, NOT ALL. Some people have circumstances way beyond their control, and they’re let broke. Period.
        Get off your high horse and do something to help people in need, instead of acting in such a superior manner. You get what you give, and I sure as hell am glad I’m not you.

        • Dieselrider

          I agree with you. You are sorry.

          • boptherabbit

            See, you misunderstood again. I’m sorry that there are people like you that think they are the answer, when in actuality, they’re the problem.

  2. Dieselrider

    So what did the “system” teach these kids? Perhaps that their parents are freeloaders but, that is acceptable? That you should never be made to feel embarrassed because you are freeloading off the system? That it is okay to owe someone else money and not be expected to pay it to them?

    What a sad state of affairs in this Roman like society.

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