Smartphone users have a more positive outlook on the world than non-users

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Smartphone owners have a more positive outlook on the world than non-owners, according to a global Microsoft poll. Smartphone owners see the world as “cooperative and harmonious” than people who don’t own smartphones. Smartphone users also believe that social values are improving.

Microsoft’s poll aimed to determine the affect of technology on everyday life including varied topics such as its affect on parenting techniques. The company wants to know how the “connected world views technology.”

“It establishes a baseline for the future. It’s hard to find polls that really looked at how people valued technology in their lives across cultures,” Microsoft Executive Vice President of Advertising & Strategy Mark Penn said during the Davos World Economic Forum.

The respondents of the poll also revealed that technology has a positive impact on business, education, economic and productivity opportunity. The only issue where respondents thought technology had a negative impact was on privacy.

“As a company, Microsoft is signaling that we think privacy is important. That’s an important lesson that comes out of the poll as well,” Penn expressed.

While parents believe that technology can help their children broaden knowledge and build skills for the future, they expressed concern that tech can expose children to dangerous people and content.

“It’s interesting that parents were putting up a yellow flag about technology,” Penn added.

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