Toronto university’s $195K paint job wrecked by winter weather

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Toronto, ON, Canada (NewsBahn) – Persistent snow and ice have nearly erased a paint job that cost Ryerson University about $195,000.

Faded blue and gold marks remain from the work, undertaken in September through a car-free area of the campus.

School officials explained that winter caused them to move quickly on the project.

“We did the work in a rush,” Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson vice-president of administration and finance, wrote in a blog post she penned, called “I’m Sorry.”

One coat that concealed messy roadwork cost $20,000, while the second coat covered the remainder and pointed to university landmarks.

Unfortunately the paint used didn’t prove to be particularly durable.

“We had a narrow range of temperatures when the epoxy could be applied. I required my team complete the work before the temperature dropped. That was my mistake,” Hanigsberg wrote.

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