CASD to Consider Change Orders for CES, CAHS Projects

CLEARFIELD – Next week, the Clearfield school board will consider a change order with Pinnacle Plumbing and Heating for HVAC work at the Clearfield Elementary School. If approved, the change order would result in an additional cost of $80,515.60 to the CES expansion and renovation.

The district has embarked upon a $10.6 million expansion and renovation at the CES. The district has also voted to permanently close the Clearfield Area Middle School and the Girard-Goshen, Bradford Township and Centre Elementary Schools and to convert the CES into a K-6 campus.

Superintendent Terry Struble explained the proposed HVAC work would be to replace the leaking dielectric unions in the existing part of the CES. This issue, he said, would be corrected by replacing all of the existing dielectric unions, so that they’re all up-to-date and to prevent future issues.

Struble said the proposed change order also included one drain and fill on both the chilled water system and heating system during their respective off seasons.

Board member Gail Ralston asked if the district could expect some sort of warranty on the HVAC work. Struble said there’s usually a one-year warranty on the workmanship; however, so far as the materials used, it’s up to the manufacturer. He wasn’t sure what the warranty would be, but he would look into it further.

The board will also consider a change order with Leonard S. Fiore to extend its contract time for the Clearfield Area High School auditorium and stage. There isn’t any cost for the change, as it’s simply for documentation purposes, said Struble.

The change order, Struble said, would extend the contract time for the auditorium and stage from April 3 to April 24. He told the board to expect similar requests from other contractors involved with the expansion and renovation of the CAHS.

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