CASD to Consider Collapsing Professional Positions

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield school board will consider collapsing all professional positions that are represented under the collective bargaining agreement with the Clearfield Education Association at the conclusion of this school year during next week’s regular meeting.

The district will consider collapsing the positions in preparation for the upcoming school building consolidation. The district has embarked upon a $36 million expansion and renovation of the Clearfield Area High School and a $10.6 million expansion and renovation of the Clearfield Elementary School.

The district has voted to permanently close the Clearfield Area Middle School and to convert the CAHS into a 7-12 campus. The district has also voted to permanently close Girard-Goshen, Centre and Bradford Township Elementary Schools and to convert the CES into a K-6 campus.

When asked by the press after Monday night’s committee meetings, Director of Curriculum Bruce Nicolls said if approved, collapsing the positions would affect approximately 180 – 190 teachers, school counselors and psychologists and nurses. However, Nicolls didn’t anticipate many if any furloughs among the professional staff.

According to him, the district has been cutting back over the past three years. He noted the district has been reducing staff over time through retirements and wasn’t filling positions that it anticipated would be eliminated with the consolidation. If any furloughs occurred, he said it would be among staff members who fill very specialized positions that the district wouldn’t need many of after the consolidation.

Superintendent Terry Struble explained that if approved, the district would proceed with collapsing the positions and putting them up for rebid. Then, the district would approve the list of staff positions for rebid and in March, it would approve the placement of the professional staff.

So far as secretarial and janitorial positions, Struble said the district hasn’t determined if there would be any staff reductions. The district, he said, would make these decisions closer to the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30. Struble said the district also hasn’t made any decisions so far as its administrative structure.

Nicolls noted the district has already cut back administrative staff. The district, he said, didn’t fill positions vacated by a human resources coordinator and a high school principal.

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