Beats launches its own music streaming service, Beats Music

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Beats Music is now available for iOS devices. The company co-founded by legendary rap artist Dr. Dre acquired music streaming service MOG last year for $14 million with plans to launch its own Beats branded music streaming service.

“We wanted to build a music service that combined the freedom of an on-demand subscription service — unlimited, uninterrupted streaming and downloads of tens of millions of songs — but layer on top features that give you that feeling only music that moves you can give,” Beats stated on its website.

Beats Music currently has around 20 million songs for listening. It’ll cost users $9.99 a month. It’s only available in the United States so far.

MOG users will only have until April 15 to enjoy its services.

“We look forward to putting premium music experiences in the hands of millions of music lovers everywhere,” said then-MOG CEO David Hyman at the time of Beat’s purchase of MOG.

Beats has the aim of turning users into DJs. Users can pick songs and chop them up for a more personalized sound track.

Beats faces tough competition against established and well-known streaming music service Spotify.

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