Rita Moreno drops F-bomb during SAG Lifetime Achievement Award speech

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “West Side Story” star Rita Moreno has dropped the F-bomb during her speech as she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday.

“I am so f—ing thrilled!” the 82-year-old actress said to the crowd as she took the stage to accept her award. She continued, “I hope the man with the button was there on time.”

Moreno and presenter Morgan Freeman then did a small skit together, sounding out “SAG AFTRA” together. Continuing her speech, the out-of-breath actress said, “I’m so bloody happy.”

Before Moreno, who wore a Roberto Cavalli gown paired with a Herve Leger studded leather jacket, went on with her speech, she interrupted herself saying, “I’m sorry about that rude word—actually, I’m not.”

The rest of her speech was heartfelt as she said, “Late in the first act of my career, I was recognized with an Oscar. I was 31 and so astonished and surprised…I could only muster ‘I don’t believe it. I’ll leave you with that.’ And now this unexpected honor at 82, but hopefully it’s early in the third act of my life.”

“The truth is I honestly still can’t believe it,” she continued, and sang a part of Tony Bennett’s “This Is All I Ask,” “as I approach the prime of my life, I find I have the time of my life, learning to enjoy at my leisure all the simple pleasures and so I happily concede. This is all I ask. This is all I need.”

The multi-awarded actress closed her speech with an a cappella song, “So let the music play as long as there’s a song to sing, and I will be, I will be younger than spring.’”

Rita Moreno is one of the few actors to have received an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards for her works in television, film, music and theatre. She has also received an Alma Award, the National Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among many other honors.

During a recent appearance on FOX News, she used the sh– curse during a morning program.

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