China launches government supported mobile OS

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Beijing, China (4E) – China has announced the launch of its government supported mobile operating system. Named the COS, China Operating System, it was jointly developed by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and tech company Shanghai Liantong. It’s rumored that HTC has also pitched in the effort to provide the hardware.

The purpose of COS is to break the foreign monopoly of Android and iOS. It’s claimed that it is free of code from existing mobile operating systems. COS is open source code and Linux-based.

“At yesterday’s launch event, the head of ISCAS criticized iOS for being a closed ecosystem, while Android has the infamous fragmentation problem, and both Windows plus Android are let down by poor security,” according to popular tech blog Engadget.

The Chinese government also aims to provide a mobile operating system that’s better at providing better localization.

The actual COS is very similar to Google’s Android. It runs on tablets, PCs, and smart phones. COS can handle multi-tasking and Internet browsing.

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