Facebook rumored to release a Flipboard-type news reader this month

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Social media giant Facebook is rumored to be close to releasing a digital newspaper, according to Recode. Named “Paper,” Facebook has made laid out a plan to become a source for every day news years ago. Paper will be similar to news reader Flipboard and will gather all the news preference a user wants. It will be made solely for mobile devices.

“Like many Facebook initiatives, the Reader project originally began years ago as an idea to completely overhaul the News Feed itself, but after numerous delays and design refreshes, the project was split into pieces. Parts of the redesign made it into Facebook’s March refresh of the News Feed, according to three sources, when the team had not finished what would eventually turn into Paper,” according to Recode.

Facebook has already moved in that direction recently. It has made changes to users’ News Feed so news articles would appear more often than other Internet materials like memes. Facebook’s VP of product is currently leading the project, according to sources. User interface designer Mike Matas is also on the team.

Facebook acquired digital book publishing software start-up Push Pop two years ago with the aim to use start-up’s resources into its products.

The company chose to remain mum on the subject when asked by the media.

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