Yanks slugger A-Rod reportedly willing to accept reduced ban

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

New York, NY, United States (4E Sports) – New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez recently discussed the possibility of accepting a reduced suspension rather than spend millions of dollars in a legal battle with no guarantee of winning.

According to a source, a suspension longer than 100 games will likely force Rodriguez and his attorneys to pursue a temporary restraining order against Horowitz’s ruling in federal court.

However, if given a shorter suspension, “then Alex will have some things to think about,” the source said.

The source said Rodriguez is weighing the financial implications of continuing to fight this battle versus accepting a suspension that will allow him to take the field sometime in the second half of the coming season.

A courtroom battle will cost Rodriguez at least $10 million, with no guarantee of winning while a 100-game ban would cost him $15,425,000 of his scheduled $25 million salary for 2014, the source added.

“All of this has been presented to Alex, and he is weighing his options,” the source said. “In certain situations it may not make much sense to continue to fight.”

Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz is expected to rule on Rodriguez’s appeal of his 211-game ban anytime this week.

“It’s not just a matter of money,” the source said. “It’s also about the mental anguish of going through this and not knowing if or when you’re going to play again. Alex might decide to take his medicine and move on.”

Another source said it is “too late” for Rodriguez to negotiate any reduced suspension but Rodriguez’s camp denied working on any deal to lessen the length of the ban.

“We have not asked to negotiate, have not thought about negotiating and the facts, in any of these stories that state this, are inaccurate,” Rodriguez’s spokesman, Ron Berkowitz, said.

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