LT Supers Re-organize for 2014

CLEARFIELD – During Monday night’s re-organizational meeting, William Lawhead was elected as chairman of the Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors for 2014. Dan Mitchel Sr. was elected vice chairman. Both Mitchell and Ed Brown were appointed to the Roadmaster position.

Barb Schaffner was reappointed secretary/treasurer for the board with a 3 percent wage increase set at $16.87 per hour. Schaffner was also reappointed as chief administrative officer for the general employee pension and the police pension plans, as well as the voting delegate to the Clearfield County Tax Collection Committee.

Debra Finkbeiner was reappointed as code enforcement and zoning officer but will retain her current pay rate through her six-month probationary period. Agatha Lauder-English was reappointed as consultant to the code/zoning officer as needed, at $15 per hour

Zachary Lawhead was retained as maintenance personnel at $7.25 per hour for furnace firing, and $10 per hour for maintenance work.

James Naddeo was reappointed as township solicitor with an increase of $100 to his monthly retainer, totaling $1,300 per month.

Mark Brooks was reappointed as police chief, and Mitchell was appointed as police liaison for the year.

Jamie Collins was reappointed animal control officer at $437.41 per month.

Edward Lanich was reappointed as crossing guard at $8.89 per hour. It was noted that this will be Lanich’s last year as crossing guard, because the Clearfield Middle School will be closed at the end of this school year.

Heather Olson was reappointed with a promotion to administrative aide to the police department at a wage of $10.25 per hour.

Carmen Barba and Howard Hunt were reappointed as recycling personnel at $9.24 per hour.

Kelly McCracken was reappointed as township tax collector at a 3 percent commission.

The Treasurer’s Bond was set at $2 million.

Taxes were reenacted as follows:

  • Real Estate Tax – 18 Mills
  • Wage Tax – ½ of 1 percent
  • Local Services Tax – $52 per year
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax – ½ of 1 percent
  • Amusement Tax – $50 for first machine plus $25 for each additional machine.

Meeting times and dates will remain the same for 2014, as the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m.

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