Apple acquires startup SnappyLabs

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Apple has shored up its photo taking software team with the acquisition of startup SnappyLabs. According to TechCrunch, Apple acquired the one-man developing team of John Papandriopoulos. SnappyLabs is responsible for the SnappyCam app, which allows users to take photos at 30 frames per second — much faster than the native iOS app on the iPhone.

“Sources have since affirmed that the company was acquired by Apple, and that there was also acquisition interest “from most of the usual players”, meaning other tech giants. I don’t have details on the terms of the deal, and I’m awaiting a response from Apple, which has not confirmed the acquisition,” TechCrunch reported.

SnappyCam is a wildly successful app and sells for $1 on the App Store. Users can shoot “unique living photos that capture the entire moment, not just a single snapshot in time. It’s like an interactive flip-book, in full 8 Mpx glory and at high-speed.”

News of its acquisition began when the app disappeared from the App Store. It also wasn’t available on the SnappyLabs website.

There isn’t an official statement from both companies yet, but we can expect it sometime this week.

SnappyLabs developer and CEO Papandriopoulos figured a way to compress JPG images quicker and smaller, which allows iPhones to shoot images faster.

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