Family hoping to transfer brain-dead girl from CA hospital

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Oakland, CA, United States (4E) – The family of a brain-dead girl is waiting for a New York medical facility to accept the patient for transfer as the Monday deadline for a children’s hospital to keep her on the ventilator is just hours away.

A court has given the family of Jahi McMath, 13, until 5 p.m. PT to transfer her or else the Children’s Hospital Oakland (CHO) could disconnect her from the life support machine. But the New York facility has yet to contact the CHO, its spokesman, Sam Singer, said Sunday.

Two California and another New York hospital already declined to accept McMath, whose family believes she is still alive and wanted her revived in another facility.

The CHO declared McMath brain-dead on Dec. 12, when she suffered complications and cardiac arrest after an operation to remove her tonsil to treat her sleep apnea. The hospital wanted to take her off the ventilator but the patient’s family refused and sued.

Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo has agreed with the hospital that Jahi has died but issued an injunction to prevent CHO from pulling the plug of her respirator until 5 p.m, Monday.

The CHO is requiring a facility that will take in McMath to understand the medical condition of the dead body, a lawful transportation of the body and a coroner’s authorization to do so.

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