Delivery woes at FedEx, UPS blamed on bad weather, overloaded systems

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

New York, NY, United States (4E) – FedEx Corp. and UPS experienced shipping problems that angered some U.S. customers as they failed to receive their Christmas presents on time.

The two delivery giants blamed the delays on overloaded systems as well as poor weather that several parts of the country had earlier this week. With shorter shopping period than usual, more Americans bought online and it also did not help than many shoppers waited until the last possible opportunity to shop.

Not specifying the exact figure, both parcel delivery firms admitted that some of their shipments had been delayed, just saying that it consisted of “a small share” of their overall shipments. UPS said its East Coast network had broken down, while FedEx apologized for possible delays to its deliveries.

Several states reportedly experienced delays including California, Texas, Nevada, Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama, as recipients did not receive presents in time for Christmas.

In a service advisory, UPS said that it was “experiencing heavy holiday volume”. Scott Fiedler, a spokesman for FedEx, said the company had handled 275 million shipments between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that only a small number was not delivered on time.


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