UPS Customers Furious over Missed Presents, Amazon Offers Refund

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Atlanta, GA, United States (4E) – Customers of United Parcel Service (UPS) are furious for missing presents after the world’s largest package-delivery company failed to deliver them on time for Christmas Day.

Amid a flood of online bashing of the courier, UPS apologized again on Christmas Day admitting that it was overwhelmed by the unexpected volume of packages despite making contingencies.

“We apologize to both shipping and receiving customers who may have delays,” UPS spokeswoman Natalie Godwin said, according to NBC News. “While we will not have drivers delivering on Christmas we will have employees prepping packages and the planes to take off Thursday morning.”

Godwin also announced there is no delivery of a small percentage of shipments on Wednesday as drivers were not asked to work on Christmas Day. Delivery and pick-up service will resume Thursday and the company hopes to bring all Christmas packages to customers by Friday.

On Tuesday, Godwin conceded that a small percentage of packages was delayed and will not be delivered on Christmas Eve because the volume of air packages in the UPS system exceeded the capacity of its network with demand greater than forecast.

Complaints on the social media criticized UPS for promising until Monday guaranteed next-day delivery of Christmas packages.

UPS employees defended themselves on Facebook saying they work really hard. UPS drivers claimed they have been pulling 60-hour weeks but that still left thousands of holiday gifts undelivered. A customer with an undelivered package agreed with the UPS management’s decision to let employees take off and spend Christmas with their families rather than forcing them to work to appease angry customers.

Another affected customer said UPS workers are not to blame because higher-up are promising they can deliver when they cannot.

Meanwhile, the delivery delay affected online retailers that relied on the courier’s promise of guaranteed on-time delivery during the holiday. Online shopping giant set damage control measures by offering customers who failed to get their orders on Christmas Day $20 gift cards and refunds on shipping charges. also said they processed orders in time for holiday delivery.

UPS expected to ship more than 132 million parcels globally during the week before Christmas, Bloomberg Businessweek reported on Monday. It has a fleet of 101,000 trucks, vans, tractor trailers and motorcycles to do the job. UPS also added 55,000 part-time holiday workers and leased 23 extra planes for the holiday season, the Dallas Morning News said.


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