Microsoft working on a wearable Windows device

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Alex Kipman, one of the people responsible for Microsoft’s Kinect device, is rumored to head a team that’s developing a wearable Windows computer with a smaller screen. Kipman is considered one the “fathers of Kinect” and is currently the general manager of Xbox development projects.

Microsoft has hinted in the past about developing a wearable device.

“Just as the mouse was an invention, touch was an invention, there will be the next new way to interact. And that’s why we’ve been focusing on natural user interface for a while, working on that,” Microsoft head of devices Julie Larson-Green said during an event.

Kipman was also instrumental for the creation of Windows Ultimate Edition. If the rumors are indeed true, Kipman will be working on Microsoft’s 1.5-inch smart watch project. In addition to a wearable Microsoft watch, Kipman may also be assigned to work on Kinect Glasses, a device similar to Google Glasses.

“So sensors are going to become a big part of how you think about things. So some of the things we’ve been talking about — you see all these fitness devices that people wear on their wrists and they do some interesting things. What’s the extension of that,” Larson-Green added.

Microsoft has revealed that it’ll start to focus on building a single version of Windows for specific devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

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