Thompson Visits Nursing Simulation Lab at CCCTC

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson observed the Nursing Simulation Lab at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center recently.

The Practical Nursing simulation laboratory houses complete patient care units that include three electric beds, birthing bed, bedside stands, cubicle curtains, over bed trays, bassinet and infant warmer and computerized patient monitors.

Equipment includes geriatric and adult manikins, a skeleton, an anatomy model, four IV insertion arm models, electronic thermometers, tympanic thermometer, IV pump, Dynamap numerous sphygmomanometers including child, adult and obese cuffs, and stethoscopes including teaching stethoscopes. Mannequins have removable parts for catheterization, injections, wound care, etc. to provide skill practice.

High Fidelity Simulators include Sim Man and Sim Man 3G, Vital Sim Units and Noelle birthing simulators and infant models, Sim Newborn, Sim Infant and Sim Child.

Equipment resources include all supplies necessary for basic care and specific activities such as oxygen administration, suctioning, tracheostomy care, central line care, gastric tube insertion and care, urinary catheterization and IV administration initiation through all aspects of IV care.  Future plans include expansion of simulation to include a computerized medcart to enhance student learning of medication administration.

Demonstrating the Sim Child simulator is Cheryl Krieg, MSN, RN-C, simulation coordinator, who manages and operates the nursing simulation lab.  Practical nursing students are scheduled during each semester for clinical experience in small groups engaging in clinical like scenarios to allow the student to use knowledge and practice critical thinking in changing situations.  Overall evaluations from students since implementation of simulation into the curriculum have been excellent.

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