New App Allows You to Spy On Santa and His Elves

santa spy camA new app (IOS version) is available for parents looking to prove to their kids that Santa Claus is real. It’s appropriately called Santa Spy Cam and it records live-action, high-quality video of friendly Elves AND Santa Claus in your home.

The app captures sightings of Santa and his Elves as they park the sleigh near the house, accidentally drop candy, put presents around the house, etc.

The app is currently available for IOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) with the Android version available on Google Play early 2014.

According to the website, BELIEVEin! LLC, created a mobile and tablet application designed to bring an unprecedented level of magic and enchantment to your children’s holiday experience. Fully approved by The North Pole Clandestine Services Bureau (NPCSB) to capture live-action video of Elves as they visit your home during the holiday season. And of course, the big visit, by the big man on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus.

Features include:

- Dozens of spy settings providing countless live-action video “sighting” opportunities
- Intuitive customization options for limitless creativity
- Easy sharing on Facebook, YouTube, and Email
- Multi-level security feature to help keep the most curious ones from using the app
- Bonus bedtime stories with matching “sighting” options
- “Days Till Christmas” Countdown

Santa Spy Camera itself is free but the app is packed to the brim with in-app purchases. It includes some precautions to keep children away from the in-app purchases, as well as to keep the magic alive.

View app website                               Download app here


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