Borough Committee Deadlocks on Payment of Police Vehicle Repair Bill

CLEARFIELD – At next week’s meeting, the Clearfield Borough Council will decide on whether to pay the police department’s full repair bill for its Dodge Charger.

The Public Safety Committee couldn’t agree on paying C. Classic Dodge, which resulted in a hung vote on the matter. It received repair costs higher than originally quoted by C. Classic Dodge.

It was noted that the total repair bill came to $1,619.05 for the 2009 Dodge Charger.  C. Classic Dodge worked on the timing belt, tensioner pulley and computer.

According to Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott, she had been told the repairs would cost $880. Also, she was not consulted when costs exceeded that amount.  Stott added she’d been advised the $1,619.05 bill was after an $800 discount.

It was noted that the Dodge Charger is going to be traded in toward a new police vehicle.  Stott explained that the Dodge Charger had broken down at a stop light and was towed back to the police station to prevent any further damage.

By the time of the meeting, the borough had picked up the Dodge Charger and put it back into use.

Committee members Wade Cowder and Tim Winters voted in favor of paying C. Classic Dodge the full amount. Committee members Fred Wisor and Richard Stewart Jr. opposed doing so.

“I think it is foolish to put $1,600 into a car that you won’t even get $1,600 out of,” said Wisor.

Wisor was concerned about whether the Dodge Charger’s trade-in value would cover the repairs. Later in the meeting, Stott indicated that the Dodge Charger would be taken for an appraisal of its trade-in value.

“I don’t think it was handled properly, but we accepted the vehicle back and put it back in use.  That puts the responsibility on us,” said Winters.

Winters asked Borough Solicitor F. Cortez “Chip” Bell III if he was correct.  Bell agreed.

The full council will decide on whether to pay the full amount to C. Classic Dodge at the next borough council meeting.

“We did contract C. Classic Dodge for a set amount of money,” said Council member James Kling.

Kling commented at the end of the meeting since he was unable to vote on the issue Thursday night.  He believed council should pay at least $880 and then decide upon any additional amount.

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