McCutchen Proposes to DuBois Native Maria Hansloven on ‘Ellen’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Andrew McCutchen appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show Wednesday, not to talk about his successful year as a Pittsburgh Pirate or being named the National League MVP, but for the sole purpose of proposing to his girlfriend Maria Hansloven.

Cutch danced his way on to Ellen’s stage and wasted no time. The popular television host was obviously in on the proposal and almost immediately asked McCutchen if he was single.

A video montage of McCutchen and Maria appeared, with Andrew narrating the piece saying, “When I hit a homerun, it’s a homerun, but there’s a bigger picture behind it for me. Going to first, going to second, going to third and then going home… each base that I touch, it means a year.”

“In the beginning it was definitely fun, getting to know each other, staying up late at night, talking on the phone for four hours…. We continue to just get stronger. Not only stronger with each other, but with God. So when I step on third base and look toward home, I know that you’re always going to be there waiting for me. That’s why I always tip my cap every time I touch home plate.”

Hansloven was then brought on stage for the big moment.

“I’ve always envisioned that I would be on the highest mountain in the world and my voice would be as loud as a lion’s roar times a billion so the whole world could hear me just tell you how much I love you,” McCutchen said. “I didn’t do any of this for the publicity. I didn’t do any of this for the recognition. I did this to show you that if I could tell the whole world how much I love you, I would do that.”

Cutch then popped “the question” to a roaring crowd. Maria, of course, said yes.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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