Missing couple, 4 kids found safe in Nevada mountain

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Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E) – Rescuers found Tuesday afternoon a couple and four children missing since Sunday in a mountain in rural northwestern Nevada.

James Glanton, 34; his girlfriend, Christina McIntee, 25; their two children, Evan and Chloe Glanton ages 3 and 4; McIntee’s niece Shelby Fitzpatrick, 10; and her nephew Tate McIntee, 4 were found well and without frostbite near their overturned jeep in Seven Troughs Range. They were taken to the Pershing General Hospital, where a crowd cheered them when they arrived.

There were 200 people, including volunteers, searching for the family Tuesday led by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. Rescuers from the state Division of Emergency Management and helicopters from the CAP, Fallon Naval Air Station, Washoe County Regional Aviation Enforcement Unit and Nevada National Guard Lakota supported the search.

A CAP aircrew and a searcher on the ground spotted the family’s silver 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee around 11 a.m.. A Pershing County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue ground team then went to the location and found the family.

Rescuers said the family stayed together under the jeep and burned spare tires to keep warm during the two freezing days they were missing. The family drove into the Seven Troughs area about noon Sunday to play in the snow but failed to return triggering the search and rescue operation that started Monday.

Maj. Justin Ogden and Col. Brian Ready, CAP’s cell phone forensics experts, played a critical role in helping rescuers narrow the search area, according to Nevada Wing Commander Col. Tim Hahn. Lack of signal prevented the couple from calling for help but the experts found the tower that picked up the signal of their last call during their trip, giving searchers a better idea of where they might be, Hahn said.

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