Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi sold 100,000 Mi3 units in 90 seconds

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Taipei, Taiwan (4E) – China company Xiaomi has set new records for fastest time to sell smartphone units. It sold 100,000 Mi3 smartphone units in a matter of 90 seconds. And sold a second batch of 150,000 Mi3 units in 10 minutes via chat app.

For its first overseas sales, Xiaomi sold 10,000 units of its lower-budget Hongmi phone in only 10 minutes. Mi3 managed to sell phones through Taiwan and Hong Kong partners, but the company plans to establish its own centre in Asia next year.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with potential partners in other countries, in Southeast Asia primarily. We just came back from a trip to Singapore a few weeks ago, and we’re trying to get our operations for Southeast Asia set up as quickly as possible,” Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra said during a press conference in Taipei, according to Tech In Asia.

Customers in Taiwan made the orders online and paid thru PayPal. In another sale on November 11, Xiaomi sold over 200,000 smartphones within three minutes and made $16.4 million.

Xiaomi is targeting Singapore as its starting point because of the business-like manner the country handles itself. But the company isn’t sure if Singapore is indeed the choice for its first hub.

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