MVCEF Discusses Endowments

HOUTZDALE – At the No. 20 Moshannon Valley Community Education Foundation’s regular meeting, guest speaker, Patricia Zapsky, a financial consultant with Ameriserve Financial discussed information on an endowment, guidelines and levels of risk.

Caryn Southern of the Moshannon Valley Alumni Association stated that its members have decided to become a separate entity to focus on providing social opportunities for alumni and scholarships.  The MVAA will continue to fall under the umbrella of the MVCEF until it’s created its own separate status with the state.

Members of the MVAA are currently working with the district-appointed chairman, Rob Reed, regarding the “Celebration of 50 Classes Graduating from the Current Moshannon Valley Junior-Senior High School.”  Anyone interested in assisting with the celebration should contact Rob Reed at or Corinne Tiesi at or at 814-378-7683, ext. 3133.

In other business, Debora Kruise, MVCEF president, reported she’d recently spoken to the Moshannon Valley School District about the MVCEF board adopting a policy. Her policy proposed that any document given to the MVCEF from the school district would be approved and dated by the existing school board or its representative, prior to being accepted and dispersed by the MVCEF.

She stated that school board members change and are not always aware of every document used within the district.  By accepting this policy, she stated that the school district would have time to review documentation already on record and make any changes necessary prior to being dispersed to a third party, such as the MVCEF. A motion was made and seconded by the board to accept the policy suggested by Kruise.

Kruise also asked the school board about using financial contributions as part of its criteria in reviewing its Naming Opportunities Form. She asked the school board to please consider contributions made to the MVCEF and the Booster Club as equal to a donation given directly to the district. She stated it would thereby give the donors to both organizations the same opportunity to submit a naming application, as long as the financial amounts donated and criteria set by the district are met.

Kruise said she included the Booster Club with the request, because it’s an outside organization, as is the MVCEF, which brings funds to the district. This, she said, would help both organizations with their efforts.

The MVCEF received two grant requests from the Moshannon Valley Junior-Senior High School MIS Department.  The first was from the Integrate Media, Broadcasting class for a Edirol/Roland V-8 Eight Channel Live Video Effects Switcher valued at $2478.60.  Acquiring this equipment would teach students to use a video mixer to switch between multiple inputs. In turn, this would allow students to not only have a multi-camera shoot, but also a near finished product after filming.  Students would then be able to link their morning announcements, interviews, Public Service Announcements and high school staff the opportunity to link their information to the district Web site.  The equipment and resources would be used as soon as it arrives.

The second grant request received was from the MIS Department Advance Photo class for the following:  Frame Joining Package, Acid Free Foam Board, Biscuit Matt Board; Single Sheet, Non-Glare 16- by 20-inch acrylic, Pre-cut Frames and a Fletcher Heavy Duty Acrylic/Plastic Cutter at a total of $2,951.40.  Students with these products could learn how to cut matting material to offset a picture, install non-glare acrylic fronts to protect their work and how to make a frame to contain their picture.  The purchased material and resources could be used this school year to frame two of the final 25 pictures students have worked.  This would actually culminate two years of work, as students spent the previous year learning basics of Photo Editing and ended with a bound portfolio.  This year, students learned advanced photo editing, color theory and camera techniques.    Detailed information on the grant applications will be placed on the MVCEF Web site

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