Mistletoe vendor turned away from park gets cash donation to pay for braces

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Portland, OR, United States (4E) – An Oregon girl selling mistletoe at the Portland Saturday Market failed to raise enough money to pay for her braces after being turned away by a security guard, but kind donors stepped in to help her.

Madison Root, 11, of Lake Oswego got an order for 30 of her beribboned bags priced at $4 apiece and received on Monday a $1,000 donation from two men who learned about her business problem. The money, including $28 she earned from her interrupted enterprise on Saturday, enabled Root to get her top row of braces on Monday.

Ken Cook, owner of the Estacada-based McKenzie Farms that produces Christmas trees, donated the $1,000 to help the little entrepreneur, according to his manager Debbie Tedrow.

Her being turned away from the market for lack of permit also caught the attention of Mayor Charlie Hales, who is now looking into how children vendors could be exempted from an ordinance banning selling in a park without a permit.

Root’s father, Ashton, said he understands the ordinance but agrees that there should be some exception to the rule because begging is allowed in the park.

The guard had suggested to the father and daughter to just beg for money instead of selling the mistletoe or giving it away in exchange for donation. But the sixth-grader did not want to beg.

“I would rather work for something than beg,” Madison told KATU. The report then went around earning the girl support.

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