Toyota Motors to bring Lexus production in Kentucky

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Georgetown, KY, United States (4E) – Toyota Motors announced on Friday its plan to move part of its Lexus production to its factory in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda confirmed that the Japanese car-maker will start manufacturing Lexus ES sedan at the Kentucky plant in 2015.

The factory currently produces several Toyota models such as Vanza, Avalon Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and Camry.

“Lexus was founded in the United States, so it is only fitting that we are bringing the production of luxury sedans for our U.S. customers back to where the brand was born,” said Toyoda, in a press conference, according to CNN Money.

Toyota’s move to bring production of its Lexus luxury cars to Kentucky will add around 50,000 vehicle per year to the plant’s production and an investment worth $350 million.

According to Toyota USA CEO Jim Lentz, the company’s decision to shift its Lexus production to the United States is motivated by the Tsunami that swept through Japan in 2011.

Lentz added Toyota is just looking for ways to prevent another major manufacturing disruption, especially those caused by natural calamities.

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