LT Supers Plan to Spend on Paving, Roadwork Projects


CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors planned for this year’s paving and roadwork projects at Tuesday night’s regular meeting. The supervisors anticipate spending $714,000 on paving and an additional $125,000 for other roadwork.

Supervisor William Lawhead said he could always find roadways to be paved. Supervisor Glenn Johnston said, “We’ve been so tight on money that we haven’t done any paving in years.” Even after this project is completed, Johnston said the township would still have roadways that required paving.

Johnston and Supervisor Ed Brown suggested that the township have its berms extended a few feet from roadsides in order to preserve them, as well as for driver safety. Lawrence Township’s road crew will work on the berms; the township will seek bids for the paving.

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