Fugitive serial rapist caught after 35 years in hiding

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Gorham, MN, United States (4E) – Justice finally caught up with a fugitive serial rapist from Massachusetts last week, 35 years after his conviction.

Gary Irving, 52, was arrested Wednesday at his home in Gorham, Maine after a member of his family in Massachusetts tipped off authorities in that state after a family dispute. He was using the name Gregg Irving, according to Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dave Procopio.

Procopio said Irving will also be charged with illegally possessing firearms found in his home.

Irving is detained in Portland, Maine and will appear at Cumberland County Courthouse Monday, according to Stephen McClausland, spokesman for the Maine State Police.

Irving was convicted of raping three girls in Norfolk County, Massachusetts in 1978. Then Judge Robert Prince released the 18-year-old defendant on bail despite opposition from prosecutors and he disappeared. The Massachusetts State Police put Irving on their “Most Wanted” list and launched a manhunt.

Aside from rape, Irving was convicted for unnatural acts and kidnapping.

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