North Korea threatens to attack Guam again

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Guam, United States (4E) – North Korea is again threatening to attack the United States territory of Guam.

According to the Korean Central News Agency Pyongyang is already readying its Korean People’s Army Strategic Rocket Force .

It was quoted as saying that the KPA is ” on A-class alert to wipe out the U.S. forces and reduce their bases in Guam and other regions to ashes.”

“Despite our repeated warning, the U.S. imperialist aggressors let their B-52 formation fly again in the sky above south Korea and announced an operational plan targeting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership,” the new further added.

Hong Kum Chol, another officer, said:”The KPA Air Force is put on alert. It will never miss the opportunity to sweep away the (Andersen) air base in Guam.”

But few days ago , Guam governor Eddie Baza Calvo said that people in Guam should not be distracted by threats from North Korea to launch a nuclear strike.

According to Guam Pacific Daily News , Calvo said that the attack is unlikely and that the U.S. is ready to protect the island.

“It does bring some concerns, but with those concerns also you have to temper those concerns now with the history of North Korea, both the statements that its leadership has made in the past as well as the limitations that they have in their military forces,” he said.

North Korea is riled over routine U.S.-South Korea military drills and recent U.N. sanctions after its Feb. 12 nuclear test.

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