U.S. Army releases 84 WikiLeaks case documents in Manning case

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Fort Meade, United States (4E) – Amid growing criticism from world media over lack of transparency, the U.S. Army on Wednesday was forced to publish dozens of WikiLeaks documents online in a case related to suspect Bradley Manning.

Manning, who is believed to have passed secret files to WikiLeaks website, is to face a trial at a military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, north of the US capital Washington.

The army released 84 court orders, rulings and a partial transcription of a deposition by Manning.

The 25-year-old soldier is also charged with aiding the enemy when he leaked several thousands sensitive American military and diplomatic documents to the Julian Assange’s anti-secret website.

Several leading media companies, including The Washington Post, CNN and the Center for Constitutional Rights, have demanded access of pre-trial documents and alleged that the unavailability of the documents prevented them from giving transparent information to public regarding the case.

The prosecution or defense lawyers are believed to have requested to seal the documents.

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