French court rules against Strauss-Kahn’s plea to ban ‘Beauty and the Beast’

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Paris, France (4E) – A French court has ruled against disgraced former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in his plea to ban a “despicable” book, “Beauty and the Beast”, which was to be released on Wednesday.

However, it ordered its author Marcela Iacub to pay compensation of EUR 50,000 for bringing disrepute to his name.

Strauss-Kahn’s political career went in vain when he was accused in a sex scandal with a New York hotel maid last year. Argentine-born Iacub has described her relations with Strauss-Kahn between January and August last year in her book – a work former IMF chief described as false and despicable.

He said that Iacub’s work was an attempt to make quick money by targeting a man “who is already down on the ground”.

Strauss-Kahn alleged that the release of her book would be an attack on his private life, which is already at stake, and sued both Iacub and her publisher, Stock, seeking a ban on the book.

However, the court did not ban it since books are rarely banned in France. Last time a French court banned a book in 1996 when Dr Claude Gubler claimed that Socialist President Francois Mitterrand had lied about his cancer just two days after the leader’s death. However, the book was published in 2005

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