Hot air balloon accident in Egypt’s Luxor, kills 19 Asians, Europeans

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Cairo, Egypt (4E) – The authorities in Egypt on Tuesday suspended all hot air balloon flights after a hot air balloon exploded in midair and crashed in the ancient temple-city of Luxor during a sunrise flight.

Some 19 tourists from Britain, France, Hungary, Hong Kong and Japan were killed in the incident.

The balloon caught fire while it was flying at 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the ground.

According to an Egyptian security official, 21 people boarded the balloon, two of whom, including pilot jumped out of the balloon while it was plunging down to the Earth.

They have been admitted to hospital. However, there have been mixed reports about the number of dead and injured.

According to Sky Cruise, the company that operated the balloon, said that gas cylinder exploded on board when it was in the air.

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