Corman Issues Statement on NCAA Challenge to Pennsylvania Law

HARRISBURG – Sen. Jake Corman (R-34) has issued the following statement regarding the NCAA’s challenge of Pennsylvania law.

“The recent NCAA litigation challenging Act 1 will delay the Penn State fine money from positively impacting programs and services that assist child abuse victims in Pennsylvania. In arguing that Pennsylvania has no role in the policy decisions of a state-related institution, the NCAA has gone well beyond its bylaws and believes it can operate as an unchecked governing body,” said Corman.

“Act 1 was carefully crafted to not impair the consent decree between Penn State University and the NCAA, and the law is constitutional.

“The NCAA has clearly misrepresented Penn State University as a private institution, as well as the parameters set forth in the consent decree.

“NCAA President Mark Emmert’s statement that Act 1 is nothing more than an attempt to benefit the ‘home team’ is not only inaccurate, but also exemplifies the organization’s delusional understanding of the law. Penn State University receives no gain from Act 1 — the only people who will benefit are Pennsylvania’s sexual abuse victims.  As the money is being derived from a Commonwealth-supported institution of higher education and being generated by state residents, the fine money should be distributed in Pennsylvania.

“In light of the court challenge and Mark Emmert’s statements, state-related and public universities, which are members of the NCAA, should call for a change in the NCAA leadership and operational standards. The NCAA federal lawsuit is an unfortunate power grab by the NCAA, who appears to be more concerned with its national reputation than actually using the $60 million for those who need it the most.”

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2 thoughts on “Corman Issues Statement on NCAA Challenge to Pennsylvania Law

  1. non-truther

    here is the 10 point formula to get elected in Pennsylvania:

    1.State that the BOT did a terrible job with the handling of the Paterno/Sandusky situation – especially the Paterno Firing
    2.Call Freeh inappropriate names
    3.Declare that you will make it your mission in life to discredit the NCAA’s reputation and work to lift or reduce the sanctions while in office.
    4.Call Emmert inappropriate names and discredit his whole life and ask his mother why she gave birth to him.
    5.Promise transparency at every level in the PSU hierarchy especially at BOT meetings,coaches meetings, in-home recruit visits, cameras in locker rooms and shower room.
    6. Call national reporters who have slammed PSU inappropriate names and threaten them with harm using message board names like: PSU4Life88, JoeLivesForever69, and DieFreehTrampStampOU812
    7. Declare the Paterno Report flawless and FACT – then use it as a sounding board in your campaign
    8. Promise to remove Erickson
    9. Call Erickson inappropriate names
    10.To tip the scale for a sure win – get on stage at Thon and do the Electric Slide with 18-19 year olds

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