11-year-old California girl escapes kidnapper’s car, frees other girl

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – An 11-year-old girl who was abducted and forced into a car Thursday afternoon managed to flee and rescue another young girl who was already in the backseat crying during the kidnapping in Los Angeles, California.

In a news release, authorities said the victim was coerced into the suspect’s red convertible while she was walking alone around 2:35 p.m. along Founders Park in Whittier, and she found a younger girl in the backseat.

Lt. Kent Miller said it is unclear how the girls escaped but they were able to flee and ran in separate directions.

It was reported that the girls are not known to each other.

The 11-year-old got home and called 911 and police revealed the police are not sure where the younger girl is.

Police believe the man could be connected to similar incidents in the neighborhood and asked the public’s help to identify him.

On February 5, a man driving a red convertible offered a 17-year-old girl a ride. She refused but the driver still stopped and opened the car door before the girl escaped and informed police.

Hours after that, someone reported witnessing two girls arguing with a man who ordered the pair to get into his car but police received no calls about alleged victims and the witness cannot identify the teens.

The incidents were linked to a man driving a red convertible with a tan roof. He is described as Latino, between 25 and 35 years old, about 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet tall, with a medium to heavy build.

Thursday’s victim said the kidnapper had short black hair and a tattoo of three dots on his left hand.

Anyone with information about the attack is urged to call the Whittier Police Department at 562-567-9241 or Detective Woods at 562-567-9286.

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