WHO confirms another casualty from SARS-like virus in Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4E) – The World Health Organization Thursday confirmed the death of a Saudi man from a SARS-like virus.

With the latest death, the number of such fatalities from mystery illness reached seven. According to Saudi Health Ministry, the patient was admitted to hospital on January 29 and he died 12 days later.

On February 18, the lab tests confirmed that the person died from novel coonavirus (NCoV) – a virus that was first detected in the middle of last year. Six people – three from Saudi Arabia, two from Jordan and one from Britain – died from the mysterious disease then.

The WHO’s confirmation came less than a week after a person suffering from the same virus died in central England.

Just a day before his death, the WHO Saturday called on the member states to be vigilant about any such cases of severe acute respiratory infections or pneumonia and immediately report about any unusual patterns.

It also urged nations to watch health workers and test them if they show any such symptoms irrespective of where the case occurred in the world.

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