Rising obesity in the Asia Pacific

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Pattaya, Thailand (4E) – Creeping epidemic of obesity has been observed in the Asia Pacific Region.

This issue will be discussed at the 19th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology held 21-24 February 2013 in Pattaya, Thailand. Experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will lead a one day collaborative programme on 23 February.

According to Medical Express news, Over eating, sedentary lifestyles, cultural attitudes, and lack of prevention programmes are to blame for the rising epidemic of obesity in the Asia Pacific region.

In China, overweight and obesity has quadrupled in China and societies still label people of healthy weight as poor.

The Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration (APCSC) found that the prevalence of overweight and obesity among 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region varied considerably by country.

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