Pirates demand $1.3 billion ransom after Sunday’s kidnapping of six foreigners in Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria (4E) – In a fresh attack on an oil service ship off Nigeria, armed pirates took six foreign hostages on the weekend and demanded $1.3 million ransom for their release.

The hostages are from India, Ukraine and Russia, according to Bayelsa state police spokesman Fidelis Odunna.

“One of the kidnappers called to demand the sum of $1.3 million,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that the three of its nationals have already been freed by the pirates and are in good health. “

According to the embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria, the Ukrainians… have been released. Their life and health are not in danger,” the statement said. However, Nigerian security officials have not confirmed the release yet.

Pirates attacked the Armada Tuah operated by the Lagos-based Century Group off the coast of Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta on Sunday. Sunday’s attack happened when the vessel was moving between the Ports of Harcourt and Abo.

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