Gunman, three others killed in shooting spree in California

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Orange, CA, United States (4E) – In yet another case of youth violence, a 20-year-old man Tuesday shot three people dead, injured two others before killing himself with a 12-gauge shotgun near the city of Orange, south of Los Angeles in California, the police reported.

The gunman identified as Ali Syed apparently fired at other vehicles randomly on a freeway. The police said the suspect was a student, jobless with no past criminal record. He was living with his parents.

Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said that the motive of the attack was still not clear, adding that they are investigating the case. Among the dead was a woman, whose body was found in Syed’s family home in Ladera Ranch.

The police said that she was not related to his family. The police identified her as 20-year-old Courtney Aoki.

After allegedly killing his first victim in the wee hours Tuesday, Tustin police department spokesman Paul Garaven said, the suspect drove to nearby Tustin where he hijacked a car at a gas station.

Tustin police chief Scott Jordan said that he politely told a gas station customer to give the keys of his car and didn’t want to hurt him. The suspect reportedly added he admitted killing a person and that it was ‘the last day of his life’.

Fleeing in the hijacked car, the suspect reached a nearby freeway, reportedly stopped and randomly opened fire on passing vehicles in an attempt to hijack another car.

Syed then approached a BMW motorist, identified as Melvin Edwards, 69, and ordered him to leave the vehicle and then executed him, Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna said.

Syed then allegedly killed a 26-year-old plumber identified as Jeremy Lewis when he tried to intervene in the shooting incident near a hotel construction site in Tustin.

In the end when cornered by California Highway Patrol, the gunman stopped the vehicle and killed himself, Amormino said. Amormino also confirmed the death of four people including the attacker.

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