Study shows Australia lacks long term policy in Pacific

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Sydney, Australia (4E) – A new research paper in Australia showed that the country” lacks a strong long-term policy orientation in the Pacific.”

The 250-page study , authored by Jonathan Schutz stated that Australia had lost influence in the Pacific islands because of the government’s “short attention span” in relating to the region.

He encouraged that a minister to the Pacific be appointed.

Dr Schultz, whose research paper focuses especially strongly on the 20 years from 1988, urged the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade “to nurture a cadre of bureaucrats for whom the Pacific is their focus”.

Dr Schultz said Australia should not invigorate its Pacific involvement because China has become interested in the region.

He concludes in his study: “In the absence of strong institutional support for the maintenance of Australia’s relationship with the Pacific islands, personalities take on commensurately greater importance.”

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