Perth, No.5 geothermal city in the world

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Perth, Australia (4E) – The Australian city of Perth has been established as one of the “geothermal cities ” of the world.

According to the science institution of Australia, CSIRO , Perth is ranked number 5, the Chinese state newspaper reported this week.

Established in 2009 with funding support of 2.3 million Australian dollars (2.37 million U.S. dollars) from the state government of Western Australia, WAGCOE brought researchers, industry, investors and government agencies together with the shared vision of creating zero-emission geothermal cities.

Perth is the very first geothermally-cooled city, with commercial geothermal-powered air-conditioning units.

The world’s leading geothermal cities areCopenhagen, Denmark; Larderello, Italy;Reykjavik, Iceland; Reno, Nevada, USA; Perth, Australia;Xianyang, China; Madrid, Spain;Masdar City, Abu Dhabi ;Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA and Boise, Idaho, USA.

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